Finale Part One I Guess? Liveblog

So welcome to part 1 of the bizarrely abbreviated finale of the fabulous fourteenth season of Idol. Woo.

Reuben May 12, 20157:47 pm

Informal survey of reddit comments on Idol being canceled:

1. Good

2. Oh, that’s still on?

3. Eh, it’s just a break for a few years

Reuben May 12, 20157:48 pm

Fourth-most was probably ” I stopped watching when Simon left”

Reuben May 12, 20157:49 pm

Point is, there were a lot of people dancing on the grave. While I’m not quite there, I can certainly understand it.

Reuben May 12, 20157:51 pm

The producers kind of flailed around trying to fix the show. I wonder, though: why not just move the show back to the summer?

Reuben May 12, 20157:52 pm

Does Fox have a complete schedule from May to August? Maybe they do now.

Reuben May 12, 20157:57 pm

Wow, even the guys over at say they are relieved the show is ending.

Reuben May 12, 20157:59 pm

It was weird that a lot of people said the show hadn’t had a major star in years. Phil. Phillips. Hello people.

Jessica May 12, 20158:00 pm

Poor Idol. It’s not good anymore.

Jessica May 12, 20158:00 pm

Oh hell, it doesn’t start until 9

Jessica May 12, 20158:03 pm

Uhhhh yeah bbl

Reuben May 12, 20159:01 pm

Those kids look miserable.

Jessica May 12, 20159:02 pm

Jax in particular looks like she knows the odds are not ever in her favor

Reuben May 12, 20159:02 pm

0.4 points separated Nick and Jax. WGWG will win.

Jessica May 12, 20159:02 pm

Aaaaaand indeed. Sorry white girl without guitar.

Reuben May 12, 20159:05 pm

I blame the judges.

Reuben May 12, 20159:07 pm

So, the real question is, after next year’s nostalgia year, will the show be back in 5 years or so? Plausible.

Jessica May 12, 20159:09 pm

We definitely haven’t heard Georgia On My Mind enough times

Reuben May 12, 20159:10 pm

This is pretty killer, though.

Jessica May 12, 20159:21 pm

JLo’s boobs though

Jessica May 12, 20159:21 pm

Her dress has a boob window and it is full of boob

Reuben May 12, 20159:22 pm

Nick is still boring. Meh.

Reuben May 12, 20159:29 pm

Judges, ranked:



Reuben May 12, 20159:30 pm

Judges, ranked:



Reuben May 12, 20159:30 pm

Dull song choice for Clark. It was ok.

Reuben May 12, 20159:37 pm

Simon Fuller likes shitty music.

Jessica May 12, 20159:38 pm

I mean, Nick has to know that Clark has the Southern advantage, right?

Reuben May 12, 20159:38 pm

Nick moving his head like the animatronic Lincoln at Disneyland.

Jessica May 12, 20159:39 pm

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how perfect Nick’s hair is

Reuben May 12, 20159:47 pm

My expectations for these singles is about as low as they could possibly be.

Jessica May 12, 20159:47 pm

Yay idol songs

Said no one ever

Reuben May 12, 20159:48 pm

This is just a Fun knockoff song 

Jessica May 12, 20159:49 pm

And Fun should never have happened

Reuben May 12, 20159:50 pm

I tell ya, that was no “I Love You This Big”.

Reuben May 12, 20159:56 pm

Is this like a suicide pact anthem?

Reuben May 12, 20159:57 pm

Less bad than Clark’s.

Reuben May 12, 20159:57 pm

I decline to handicap which white guy will win.

Jessica May 12, 20159:58 pm

I didn’t listen to that at all

Reuben May 12, 20159:59 pm

Nick probably has a better chance of being successful, so I guess he should win.

Jessica May 12, 201510:00 pm

So Clark will definitely win then

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