Season 14 finale liveblog

Smart money’s on the white guy.

Reuben May 13, 20157:54 pm

Last night Bing predicted Nick was gone. Tonight they say the same.

Reuben May 13, 20157:56 pm

It’s a toss up for me.

Jessica May 13, 20157:58 pm

Nick being gone is in line with my thoughts on the matter, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reuben May 13, 20158:00 pm

Last night’s episode drew 5.5 million viewers. The Voice got 9 million.

Jessica May 13, 20158:03 pm

I can’t believe Fallout Boy is still a thing

Reuben May 13, 20158:08 pm

Did the dad have to beat Tyanna up a little bit before she was allowed in?

Jessica May 13, 20158:09 pm

This kinda sucks.These Jacksons aren’t the good Jacksons.

Jessica May 13, 20158:10 pm

I can only name two lesser Jacksons

Reuben May 13, 20158:13 pm

Seasons, ranked:

6, 5, 4, 1, 7, 10, 12, 13, 8, 3, 14, 2, 11, 9

Reuben May 13, 20158:15 pm

Blake Lewis in the hissouse

Reuben May 13, 20158:17 pm

I would watch a revue with just Maddie and Joey. The Odd Couple.

Jessica May 13, 20158:18 pm

All of those talented black female singers and we end up with Nick and Clark.

Reuben May 13, 20158:19 pm

Biggest finale upsets. #1 is certainly Adam Lambert losing to Kris Allen.

Reuben May 13, 20158:20 pm

#2 probably Kat losing to Taylor Hicks

Reuben May 13, 20158:22 pm

Feel free to Social Justice Warrior in the comments. Gamergaters can piss off.

Reuben May 13, 20158:24 pm


Reuben May 13, 20158:26 pm

Victory I took the most pleasure in: David Cook over David Archuleta

Reuben May 13, 20158:27 pm

Favorite performances in Idol history. Sound off in the comments.

Reuben May 13, 20158:28 pm

#1 probably Jena Irene, Can’t Help Falling in Love, honestly

Reuben May 13, 20158:28 pm

#2 maybe McPhee doing Black Horse and Cherry Tree

Reuben May 13, 20158:28 pm

#3 Natural Woman, Kelly Clarkson

Jessica May 13, 20158:32 pm

I really liked Jordin Sparks’ I Who Have Nothing

Jessica May 13, 20158:32 pm

But Jena was my favorite of all time

Reuben May 13, 20158:34 pm

In the top 10 is Janelle Arthur, I Will. Loved that.

Jessica May 13, 20158:36 pm

Blake Lewis doing almost anything was pretty great

Jessica May 13, 20158:36 pm

That Keane song Blake did was really good

Reuben May 13, 20158:37 pm

Minnie the Moocher, Tamyra.

Jessica May 13, 20158:38 pm

The Frim Fram Sauce! Ryan Starr!

Reuben May 13, 20158:39 pm

Chain of Fools, Siobahn Magnus

Reuben May 13, 20158:40 pm

Taylor Hicks playing harmonica as he walked toward the judges, if that counts.

Reuben May 13, 20158:41 pm

Casey Abrams doing Georgia on My Mind with his upright bass in the auditions. So good.

Reuben May 13, 20158:41 pm

Andrew Garcia, Straight Up

Reuben May 13, 20158:42 pm

Josiah Leming on Grace Kelly.

Reuben May 13, 20158:43 pm

Summertime, Fantasia

Jessica May 13, 20158:43 pm

House of the Rising Sun was my favorite Siobhan song but I like big performances

Reuben May 13, 20158:44 pm

Jax on White Flag is up there

Jessica May 13, 20158:56 pm

Only Jena ever made me cry, though

Reuben May 13, 20158:57 pm

Jena on Creep. Man, Jena Irene.

Jessica May 13, 20158:58 pm

She was really fantastic

Reuben May 13, 20159:00 pm

Haley Reinhart on What is and What Should Never Be.

Reuben May 13, 20159:07 pm

Speaking of what should never be, a Daniel Seavey/NKOTB number.

Jessica May 13, 20159:08 pm

New Kids and Daniel deserve one another

Reuben May 13, 20159:09 pm

Best farewell song: Bad Day, by a mile.

Jessica May 13, 20159:10 pm

It was iconic!

Reuben May 13, 20159:10 pm

Also, that was like the #1 song of that year.

Reuben May 13, 20159:12 pm

I also miss Idol Wrap with Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell.

Reuben May 13, 20159:14 pm

They have access to the full records of a search engine and still got it wrong.

Reuben May 13, 20159:14 pm

i.e. I never had a hope and thus chose not to try.

Reuben May 13, 20159:18 pm

Votefair declined to hold a poll since last night. Clark was ahead of Nick last week, but Jax was ahead of both.

Jessica May 13, 20159:18 pm

I bet google had better data

Reuben May 13, 20159:22 pm

Why are they having the guy on who beat the shit out of Rihanna?

Jessica May 13, 20159:22 pm

I guess we all decided that was ok. Apparently.

Reuben May 13, 20159:27 pm

Reuben May 13, 20159:29 pm

Averages: Clark 58.3, Nick 60.

Reuben May 13, 20159:30 pm

Reuben May 13, 20159:32 pm

Razor-thin poll over at Mjsbigblog

Reuben May 13, 20159:33 pm

Note that MJs poll prediced Jena would win last year, as did Dialidol. And Votefair, if I recall correctly.

Reuben May 13, 20159:35 pm

Bing right now

Jessica May 13, 20159:39 pm

Oh good, dueling pianos with Michael McDonald. MacDonald? Whatever.

Reuben May 13, 20159:41 pm

What are they taking to the streets? Is it a rioting thing?

Reuben May 13, 20159:45 pm

Haley Reinhart in the house.

Reuben May 13, 20159:48 pm

Alright, about time to flip this coin and see which white guy wins.

Reuben May 13, 20159:49 pm

WGWG #6, if I’m not mistaken.

Reuben May 13, 20159:53 pm

You know, the show looked pretty done in Season 9. But it got way better from 10-13. This year was definitely weak, but next year might be good again.

Jessica May 13, 20159:55 pm

I think I saw the edge of JLo’s pasty

Reuben May 13, 201510:02 pm

Nick wins.

Jessica May 13, 201510:03 pm

The North ekes out a victory over the South this year

Jessica May 13, 201510:03 pm

Nick is less funny-lookin’

Reuben May 13, 201510:03 pm

I think that’s a smart choice by the public. Would love to know the margin of victory. Nick is the more marketable guy.

Reuben May 13, 201510:04 pm

Bing with two big misses. Not faulting them: this year was tough.

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  • Deq Seely (2-2)

    Clark for the win!!!

  • Deq Seely (2-2)

    Lovesong Candice Glover

    • reubengann

      Definitely a great one

  • Deq Seely (2-2)

    Reuben are you going for Clark

    • reubengann

      I think Clark has the edge. I don’t care for either, really.

  • Deq Seely (2-2)

    So nick projected to win

  • Deq Seely (2-2)

    Who your favorite male singers out of all the season of American idol

    • reubengann

      Blake Lewis by a mile.

      • Deq Seely (2-2)

        My favorite is Casey Abrams

  • ABox

    Great finale! I really enjoyed it! They are all winners in the truest sense.
    BTW…Since Idol decided to only tour the top 5 this year, then Idol should also use their connection within the industry to help the other 1/2 of the top 10 (or top 12) become the opening act for any number of stars they have a connection with.
    J.Lo & Keith are you listening???