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This is the second year that I’ve been writing for this site. The first year was incredibly rough. I don’t expect this will be any better, but one can hope.

The site came about from a simple observation that women seem to be at a distinct disadvantage in the voting; that they are eliminated very quickly during the first voting rounds where a gender imbalance could occur. However, I basically reject the idea that teen girls with unlimited texting are the cause of this. Rather, it’s probably due to a bias in our culture that favors male musicians.

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We Are Not the Official Anything

We really can’t stress enough that this site is in no way affiliated with American Idol, its subsidiaries, Fox, or anything or anyone else that is even remotely affiliated with American Idol. What we present here is purely opinion, except for the stuff that’s data. Graphs are data, analysis is opinion. Idle speculation is idle speculation.

  • To the mastermind behind this site:

    I really enjoy your site and the statistical lenses that you analyze the show through. I haven’t had time to look at every page on the site, but I’m interested in running a linear regression on the significance of the judges critiques of a performance and their ability to sway/skew America’s votes. For example, this past week there is scotty, haley, james, and lauren left on the show. The judges responded relatively favorably toward all of the performances except for haley’s first song. My hypothesis would be that she leaves next week based on their feedback in a race this close. Obviously there are far more factors affecting the choice, but over time I think you could prove the judges opinions play significantly on america.

    I figure that we would need to figure out a way to operationalize the judges feedback using a likert scale. I say we because, if you do end up testing this, I would love to be a part of the process. I have my MBA in entrepreneurship, but I’ve always been interested in statistical analysis.

    Anyway, if you want to talk more about the idea or I could help in any way, please email me.

    Best Regard,

    Matt Reilly