Liveblog: The Final Competition

Idol is evidently bowing to the clear superiority of a Tuesday/Wednesday broadcast with this year’s finale. Clearly. They must have finally listened to me. Anyway, you know the drill: Jena and Caleb will be facing off for the last time, and singing whatever dreck has been written for the finale as well as two other songs. And away we go. Continue reading

Top 3 Liveblog

The top 3 is always an interesting show, and the results can be really hard to predict (based on gut feelings, anyway). The themes for tonight are Judges’ Choice, Randy’s Choice, and Home town’s Choice. Is that three themes or one theme? Whatever. Incidentally Jessica (that’s me: I write these dumb intros mostly) will be absent for the first little while, but will jump back in at some point in the middle. Sorry? I guess? You’ll be fine. It’ll all be ok. Continue reading

Top 4 Liveblog

This week we’ll whittle down the pool of contestants to the top three, and incidentally see how the top three tracker did this year. The theme is break-ups and make-ups. I really want to hear some Rachael Yamagata, even though I’m sure we won’t: she’s been called the Troubadour of Heartbreak, and for very good reason. Coincidentally her album Happenstance, which is one of my all-time favorite albums, turns ten this year. What? I run this blog; I can shill for my favorite musicians if I want. Full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link, so I get, like, a penny if you buy the album or something. But you should buy the album because it’s great. Ok. Enough shilling: on with the blogging! Continue reading