New Poll: Saving Sam

Last night the judges used their one save to prevent Sam Woolf from being sent home. In the short term. This was a bit puzzling for me; Sam has been underperforming this whole time, and had more than one trip to the bottom 3 under his belt going into this week. His “save me please!” performance was weak. And yet the judges saved him anyway. Why? His big sad eyes? To keep his contingent of teeny bopper voters in the game (although apparently they aren’t, or he wouldn’t have been in so much trouble last night and previously). It’s a bit puzzling. What do you guys think? Continue reading

Poll: Girls rule

So, the ladies are pretty much dominating the competition this year. Do you think someone planned this, and we’re all falling right into line with the secret plan! Is it the illuminati? What do you think? Continue reading

Poll: Who was left out of the Top 10?

I honestly didn’t have really strong feelings about any of the contestants so far — well not strong positive feelings — other than, perhaps, Angie Miller (who was basically a top ten shoo-in). Who do you feel should have gone through, if only the voting public weren’t so racist/heightist/bad-tastist/whatever? Continue reading

Poll: Hollywood week

Well, we’re halfway through Hollywood week, with the dramaz (with a z, mind you). Although presumably most of the dramaz will occur tonight, since they’ve divided the groups into separate all-male and all-female weeks*. In any case, I really can’t express how much I dislike Hollywood week. Small doses of conflict and awful dancing are amusing, but hour after hour of it? No thank you. How do you guys feel?

Continue reading