A very tentative projection on the Top 10 girls

Name Pre-exposure (s) Audition
WNTS DI VF Probability of Advancing
Malaya Watson 433 Yes 75 0 n/a 0.709
Emily Piriz 79 Yes 80 0 n/a 0.701
M.K. Nobilette 314 Yes 75 0 n/a 0.695
Jessica Meuse 1048 Yes 60 0 n/a 0.679
Kristen O’Connor 344 Yes 40 1.364 n/a 0.621
Majesty Rose 380 Yes 60 0 n/a 0.586
Briana Oakley 436 Yes 40 0 n/a 0.394
Jena Irene 222 No 60 0 n/a 0.359
Marialle Sellars 320 Yes 20 0 n/a 0.128
Bria Anai 312 Yes 20 0 n/a 0.127

This projection will definitely change. I used values for approval ratings that are highly approximate, since those have not yet been published, based on the comments of the WhatNotToSing post on their front page. Dialidol appears not to have registered much of anything, and Votefair is not holding its poll.

Names in green are projected to advance. Names in red are projected not to advance. Names in yellow are too close to call.

Season 13 pre-exposure summary

Below is my full accounting of the pre-exposure time for each semi-finalist in Season 13. If you are a regular reader of IdolAnalytics, you know that this has a huge impact on the voting in the first round, as people are more likely to vote for the people they are already familiar with.
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