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Lauren Alaina

Hails from
Rossville, GA
Age (when season began)
996 seconds
Audition shown?
Turn on the RadioTop 12 Females PerformOpen73Safe
Any Man of MineTop 13 Finalists PerformPersonal Idol49Safe
I'm the Only OneTop 12 Finalists PerformYear You Were Born67Safe
You Keep Me Hangin' OnTop 11 Finalists PerformMotown69Safe
Candle in the WindTop 11 Part 2 Finalists PerformElton John79Safe
A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)Top 9 Finalists PerformRock & Roll Hall of Fame61Safe
The ClimbTop 8 Finalists PerformSongs From The Movies63Safe
Born to FlyTop 7 Finalists Perform21st Century60Safe
Where You LeadTop 6 Finalists PerformCarole King52Safe
Up on the RoofTop 6 Finalists PerformCarole King45Safe
Flat on the FloorTop 5 Finalists Perform1960s and 2000s84Bottom Group
Unchained MelodyTop 5 Finalists Perform1960s and 2000s75Bottom Group
AnywayTop 4 Finalists PerformInspirational/Lieber and Stoller80Safe
TroubleTop 4 Finalists PerformInspirational/Lieber and Stoller47Safe
Wild OneTop 3 Finalists PerformProducer/Judge/Contestant Pick33Safe
If I Die YoungTop 3 Finalists PerformProducer/Judge/Contestant Pick40Safe
I Hope You DanceTop 3 Finalists PerformProducer/Judge/Contestant Pick74Safe
Flat on the FloorTop 2 Finalists PerformFinale50Eliminated
Maybe It Was MemphisTop 2 Finalists PerformFinale55Eliminated
Like My Mother DoesTop 2 Finalists PerformFinale74Eliminated